Gus Fring Would Be Furious

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According to the Chicago Tribune police busted this mope, Daniel Kowalski, for running a meth lab in suburban LaGrange. He was already on electronic monitoring for a prior meth manufacturing arrest last summer. The description of his operation sure seems amateurish:

Inside the home, officers found glass beakers, burners, chemicals, instructional materials for making controlled substances and 12 jars of psychedelic mushrooms, the office said.


What's that he's wearing, anyway? A Los Pollos Hermanos shirt? Listen up, Kowalski: do you think Gus Fring is going to tolerate some two-bit meth cook associating his brand with your crap? You are incredibly lucky that guy is a fictional character!

You are not so lucky though, as many of the real cartel folks won't be too pleased about this competition. It's probably for the best you are in the slammer. There is going to be quite the bloody power struggle developing soon, so you might want to lay low for awhile.

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