Hey Kid: Would You Smuggle This Sperm For Me?

Serving a life sentence in an Israeli prison is no picnic, especially for a convicted terrorist. The jailers don't even have the courtesy to allow conjugal visits! However, love finds a way, even if that way includes smuggling jizz out of jail for later use:

Just a few seconds old, but already strong of voice, Muhannad Ziben did not sound best pleased as a midwife, gripping him by the ankle, hoisted him above his mother and snipped the umbilical chord.


Within a few hours he looked more comfortable, snoozing in the arms of his mother Dallal. The father though was absent.

Ammar Ziben is serving 32 life sentences in an Israeli prison for his involvement in bomb attacks in Jerusalem in 1997.

Dallal says she was able to get pregnant using her husband's sperm, which was smuggled out from inside the jail.


Never mind that this sort of thing is even medically possible. I am interested in knowing how a prisoner could convince someone to smuggle a container of semen for him. A person serving 32 life sentences isn't in the position to repay the favor, ever.

Obviously, the only reason to do this is the same reason thousands of young people take crappy, unappreciated jobs: We'll pay you in experience! Do you know how many hundreds of kids would like this job? Although we can't promise you a permanent position, if you sneak this container full of semen out of the prison without getting caught and thrown in jail yourself, it'll be a great line on your resume! Oh, and can you pick up my dry cleaning on the way home?

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